im sorry
Fil Hernandez. The better one out of it.
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Man I have not had good luck at all. I’m just really bummed at the fact I’m not making friends and how i try to date and get “friend zoned”. Idk I guess I’ll dedicate my life to working out and my studies. I just wish I could have some fun or get my ass kicked for being such a dick/bummer.

Man my life is super lonely.



what if obama does the ice bucket challenge and nominates queen elizabeth

what if obama actually talks about what’s going on in ferguson

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I’m a silent, angry and depending person. I found this out about myself. I tried to change myself for you. I tried to become more mature. I worked on a plan for my future. I discovered my wants and my goals for the future and I have a direction now. That was during the day. At night I drank and I smoked and I partied as late as I could so I wouldn’t miss you while I was alone in my bed. We met a month and a half after we broke up and I thought it was going to be the steps for us to get back together and finish working on ourselves together. I came to find out that after only a month and a half of us being apart you were over me and moved on to looking someone else. I’m not mad at though I guess it was my fault. I guess you stopped loving me long before we broke up. I guess it was natural that you moved on. It was just painful that you said we’d get back to where we were. It was a huge embarrassment. It sent me in a downward spiral. I worked on myself for you. For us. You just worked around us and didn’t care to work for us. Just to get over me. Now I’m just lost. That’s why I’m such a wreck. I planned on working on myself for us. I made a plan for us and now I have nothing and no direction.

I’m lost you know?

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